Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Pheasant Hunt

This is also the first time hunting with my uncle in law, Sal who owns up to his reputation as a maniac hunter.  This guy is interested in one thing, and one thing only...and that is making sure he gets his kill.  Even though it was   not the best conditions for a pheasant hunt, Uncle Sallie made it happen.  We all had low expectations until we started spotting birds all over the road!  Long story short...without really having our own "hunting spot", we left with 4 pheasants.  Thanks to Uncle Sallies unique tactics.  He was nice enough to give me 2.  Since they are all shot up I will be deboning them.  Im defiantly going to make a stock with the bones. As for the meat, well...many ideas have been popping off in my brain since that rainy morning in the woods...We'll see.