Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ramp it up

My first time finding ramps was a mistake. A few years ago  I was walking though a Long Island state park in late March and the trees barley had leaves most of them still just budding.  I've come to love these woods after mushroom hunting there so now I will go for walks all year round.  Ground cover was primarily dead leaves but out of the corner of my eye I notice a huge patch of what looks like giant grass blade patches.  They were beautiful so I took a photo and went on my way.  Later that day after a little due dille I discovered they were ramps and have been harvesting there every year since.

Because of some business in L.A. I worried I may not get the chance this year.  Over the past 7 weeks I've eaten ramps at almost every restaurant we went too, Michelin rated or not so needless to say I am inspired and need an outlet. The morning after I landed was an ugly rainy day but there was no keeping me out of those woods.

It took a while but I finally found a few nice patches between all of the other ground cover.

This is by far my favorite wild edible to eat. Amazingly flavorful when eaten raw. It docent have the spicy bite you would get from raw onion and they are extremely sweet.  You can saute, roast, braise these bad boys but I'm going to pickle most of them.  I love popping a jar of them in the middle of the summer and eating them with some BBQ or a sandwich.  This way I can make them last all year and wont be such a ramp crack head come fall.

Bright green leaves, purple stem and stark white bulbs they are the most STUNNING!   Not to mention at a farmers market the cost three dollars for a small bunch so get off the couch, put down the beer, and get your hiking boots on right now.  They are in there waiting for you but only for another week or so.  Take action!


  1. "RAMP SEASON! wabbit season! RAMP SEASON! waaaaaabbit season!!!" Watching looney tunes with the kiddo. GREAT BLOG FRANK!

  2. glad to see you posting again.
    Love these roasted. Amazing flavor!