Monday, January 16, 2012

Limonciello Preparation

 Nothing is better than getting a surprise FedEx package from California filled with the most wonderfully perfumed, brilliantly yellow meyer lemons I have ever laid my senses on.  My aunt Jackie who lives in southern California knows how much we love fresh produce and spoils us when her trees are wilting with fruit.  The best way for us to extract and preserve that unique flavor and smell is to make Limonciello.  The zest gets soaked in alcohol which releases all of the essential oils which is what gives the lemon it's essence and color.
 After steeping for 2 weeks I will strain out with cheese cloth, and add a simple syrup or milk infused with sugar.  The first will be the typical clear/ yellowish limonciello, and the other is crema di favorite.  That's it...serve ice cold out of the freezer.
10 Meyer Lemons
1 Liter of 100 prof vodka
4 Cups of water/ or milk
3 cups of sugar

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