Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seafood Terrine's

 This on is a shrimp puree, spinach and shitake mushroom garnish with a salmon inlay.  Both in flavor and visually this terrine is superior in my opinion.

Scallop puree infused with saffron with a jumbo lump crab and chive garnish.  The terrine mold was lined with blanched leek tops.  

  • Red- Roasted pepper and garlic aoli
  • White- cucumber dill sour cream
  • Green- Basil infused homemade mayo

After making so many meat terrines, it is easy to improvise with different meats, garnish and sauces...for meat. Seafood on the other hand is new to me so I followed Michael Ruhlman's recipes from his amazing book Charcuterie.  I encourage anyone who has the balls to buy this book and have a blast.
All three sauces were a hit on either Terrine.  After this project I now feel comfortable working with seafood and I look forward to making up some new conckoctions.

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